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Hand Made Scented Candles VELLUTIER®

From the deep need to find the highest quality, sealed with years of searching, candles were born whose finish, appearance and the content meet our expectations.

Vellutier® are candles in which global design and elegance meet in one place.

Our passion for above-average solutions has always pushed us to search for real gems,

jewels in the surrounding reality. Inspired by the perfection of nature,

innovation of technical thought and the charismatic nature of unusual places and stories,

we have created exclusive and unique candles which,

present change in the surrounding space.

Achieving heights at every stage of production was possible

thanks to the cooperation of brilliant artists and specialists in the field of glass design,

woodworking and honoured masters of world perfumery.


Real jewels - Vellutier® candles have been hidden in the highest quality,

special recipe velvety wax and packed in a unique glass dedicated to our brand.

Its sophisticated shape, with its characteristic two-angled cut,

forms a perfect figure with a precisely matched lid made of real wood.

A heraldic logo engraved in the wooden lid emphasizes

the uniqueness of the noble material, revealing its unique structure.


Vellutier® candles have a special cotton wick which is made

with addition of Egyptian cotton. To make it we use the highest quality cotton

which allows the candle to burn with a nice, clean flame.


Vellutier® fragrances are carefully selected elegant compositions

that take us to distant places by telling, through the unique notes sunk in them,

exciting stories from the most beautiful corners of the world.

  Jewellers of Fragrance

This slogan appeared in our heads intuitively, because we approach the production of our candles with the same accuracy like jewellers who polish the most beautiful diamonds.

Just like they carefully choose the best stones to polish, just we also select with great accuracy the best quality raw materials to be able to offer you a top shelf product.


The testimony of our efforts is elaborately refined, subtle fragrances hidden in unusually velvety wax.

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